Author: Malka Koganoff

The engagement period is perhaps one of the busiest times in the life of a Jewish woman. Wedding preparations are time-consuming, and the kallah is also occupied with acquiring what she will need to set up her home. At the same time, she is learning many new halachos. Despite the pressures, how- ever, a kallah cannot neglect the most important preparation of all: prepara- tion for married life There is so much at stake; a solid foundation is vital for a successful bayis ne’eman. In this age of insecure and crumbling marriages it is imperative that each kallah enter marriage with a clear understanding of the Torah’s views on shalom bayis, commitment to work for it throughout her life as well as a As a teacher of kallahs, Mrs. Malka Kaganoff has explored all the Torah lit- erature which pertains to shalom bayis. She has drawn on the wisdom of the Sages and on her experiences as a Reb- betzin to demonstrate how to start a positive note and pleasant atmosphere in which a young marital relation ship bayis ne’eman on a maintain a can thrive.

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