Adon Olam


Rabbi Zalman Weiss is an Orthodox rabbi living in Jerusalem, Israel. He received his rabbinical ordination from Rabbi Zalman Nechemiah Goldberg, and studied at the yeshivas of Kol Yaakov inMonsey, NY, and Ohr Somayach and MiLi in Jerusalem Israel. Rabbi Weiss has been actively involved in the education of the potential converts for many years, working with the Beis Din of Rabbi Nissim Karelitz of Bnei Brak. His students’ probing questions about faith in D-d and the tenets of Orthodox Judaism inspired the research that has evolved into this book.

This novel was written for Torah scholar as well as those beginning to search the depths of Judaism. It is about a prayer Adon Olam that was written 2,500 year ago to light a pah for our people through every kind of darkness.

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