Author: Yechezkel Ishayek

A Guide to Healthy Options

Rabbi Yechezkel Ishayek has taken on the unusual challenge of validating evidence-based science about healthy nutrition and life habits through rabbinic teachings.

A model for teachers and public health educators, he strikes the right tone and finds appropriate metaphors to guide his observant audience tгo choose healthy options.

The rabbi explains how the body works, common diseases and interconnections among eating, digesting, exercising, and almost every daily activity we take for granted. He links today’s scientific knowledge to the teachings of revered rabbis and scholars over the dton and life centuries.

As a reader from outside that community who had some prior knowledge of the science of health, besides learning some things I did not know before, I was struck by the statement that we each have an individual obligation to keep ourselves healthy to enable us to fulfill our obligations to the Creator, to our families, and to our community.

Health educators everywhere would wish to have such in- fluence as Rabbi Ishayek. Linda Shohet, PhD Researcher in health literacy, The Centre for Literacy Montreal, Canada

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