Authors: Barclay Rabbi Elozor Jaeger Rabbi Yitzchok

Volume Two.

Since this work completes the topic, the chapter and page numbers continue from where they left off, and the approbations have not been included again.

There is probably no activity more deeply and naturally ingrained in the human soul than prayer. In the words of Dovid Hamelech, “And [as for me,] I am prayer” (Tehillim 109:4). Although man serves Hashem in many ways, the most fundamental form of service to Hashem is tefillah, in which a person can pour out his heart and express his complete dependence upon his Creator. Throughout the generations, the Jewish nation has relied upon prayer as the sole means of survival in times of distress and oppression. Today more than ever, as Jews the world over are living like sheep surrounded by seventy hungry wolves, the nation must turn to its only source of salvation, our Father in Heaven As precious as the gift of prayer is, it is surprising and tragic that so many people are ignorant or negligent about the observation of its laws.



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